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Backup whole hard disk with squashfs

A great blog post showing how to backup an ssd with squashfs and dd.
Here is a pdf version

Rails 6.1 and Webpack

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Python meta classes

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Know when and who is doing ssh

I would like to know if someone is using the ssh on my servers. That’s why I have put a telegram notification. Here is how it works

Put in ssh/sshrc


telegram-send -g "Access $SSH_TTY $SSH_CONNECTION `id`" &

Of course you need to setup your telegram-send

Compare two filesystems

Lets run those command on the machines

New instanceOld instance
find / -xdev | sort > new.txt find / -xdev | sort > old.txt

Pull the files locally

scp -i ~/.ssh/somekey [email protected]:/new.txt  /tmp/new.txt
scp -i ~/.ssh/somekey [email protected]:/old.txt  /tmp/old.txt

Then use this great delta tool to compare the files

delta -s /tmp/new.txt /tmp/old.txt

Using md5 sums

And a using md5 sums – this is slow!

# On the new instance

find / -xdev -type f -exec  md5sum {} \; > new-files.txt
find / -xdev -type d | sort >
sort  -k2  new-files > 

# On the old instance

find / -xdev -type f -exec  md5sum {} \; > old-files.txt
find / -xdev -type d | sort > sorted.old-folders.txt
sort  -k2  old-files >sorted.old-files.txt 

How to pull files from remote sftp

Create a script with the commands to pull the files and the remove them from the remote server

get -r upload/* incoming/
rm upload/*

You will need a cron

0 5 * * * /usr/bin/sftp -b [email protected]

I recommend using systemd so that you can have logs

Where is more clear to do line break

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Create AP on ubuntu

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Check to dns zones

We are migrating from Cloudflare to route53 and want to make sure that all the records are migrated correctly.

records = %w(

records.each do |record|
  aws = `dig +noall +answer |tr '\t' ' ' | cut -d' ' -f1,3,4,5`
  cf = `dig +noall +answer @|tr '\t' ' ' | cut -d' ' -f1,3,4,5`

  if aws != cf

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