Random images helper for Rails

Here is how to make random images generation for your website.

First you must put your images in a folder /public/images/random_images or what ever.

Second you put images there and mark the filenames with a prefix, which image to which section will be visible on.

index_bottom_1.jpg -> for the index page on the bottom :)

index_bottom_2.jpg -> for the index page on the bottom

featured_art_1.jpg -> some panel.

featured_art_2.jpg -> some panel.

and so on…

Paste this method in your base controller. This method will be called to make list for a specific image folder and “filter” the images that are supposed to be showed in the different regions in @variables.

Then paste this as a helper or in the base controller, to use it in your views. The method will give you from the images array, count number of images.

here is an example how to use it.

Future optimization

Put some caching, not to make

on every request.

10x Bl8cki to the nice code optimizations :)

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