The meaning of “phlpwcspweb3” or why you should not do abbreviations in the code

“phlpwcspweb3”  is found at the “Amazon Web Services – Tagging Best Practices

From what I see this is something related to web, and probably there are at least 3 instances of that kind.

According to AWS this should be meaningful hostname.

If you have decoded this you probably do not need to read further….

Here is the answer…

I am glad that you are still on this page.

So here it is the answer

This is a great example of why we should not use abbreviations.

We have enough space in the DNS names, we have big storage so it should be a big deal of writing nice names.

I would recommend naming the host like that:


Of course, this could be possible if the resources in aws could have larger names, but unfortunately, they are limited and you are forced to use abbreviations.

so productName-us-east-1-production-web-1 will be in aws  productName-us-east-1-prod-web-1

So ugly.

If you are doing a deploys of a single product per account you might be lucky and make it look good again by skipping the product name.




I found great example when you do abbreviations

company_name:prodevelopment:standard:app:ecs – is this the prod, or it is the development?