Dual Monitors with NVidia

aptitude install nvidia-glx-new
aptitude install nvidia-settings

Some options that you can put in the Screen section

Option “NoLogo” “True”
Option “RenderAccel” “True”
# This turns on NVidias TwinView
Option “TwinView”
# Option “MetaModes” “1280×1024” “1152×864” “1024×768”
# LeftOf, RightOf, Below, Above, or Clone.
# Option “TwinViewOrientation” “LeftOf”

will_paginate with ajax

It is very easy to handle ajax pagination as described on this post here.

I want to give one full example.

Here is how my form looks:

Here is how my will_paginate helper looks:

I have used the improved version of the will_paginate:

Update for will_paginate 2.3.x

Rails 2.0 scaffolding

The most valuable usage for scaffolding is when you use it in the administration part of the site. The administration is usually separated in separate module/folder.

The new rails scaffolding is not good because:

  • It is time taking to setup nested scaffold
  • I have tons of uselss source code in the scaffolding like respond_to ... that is usable very rare or never.
  • The HTML that is generated is ugly and not usable for CSS skin
  • Not using the nice ruby style iterations .each instead of for's
  • Code repetition, the “new” and the “edit” views has the same form elements
  • Not easy to find documentation

I find Akita article for scaffolding. It is is great that he has covered some real cases. It is a lot of reading and I must read/copy/paste every time I need to make a scaffold. Here is step by step on making scaffold for administration.

  • ruby script/generate scaffold admin::BadArticle NOT PLURAL!
    • user:references
    • description:text,string
    • fixed:boolean
    • timestamps are automaticaly added
  • Add in routes.rb

  • Model
    • Rename admin::BadArticles -> BadArticle,
    • move it to the model directory
    • rename the file
  • Fix the migration file:
    • remove the prefix from the migration class,
    • remove the prefix from table name
    • rename the file
  • URL references
    • admin_bad_articles_url
    • redirect_to([:admin, bad_article])
  • Controller
    • rename all Admin::BadArticles -> BadArticle except in the controller name
    • Probably you will want to make your scaffold inhired your base admin controller

  • Index.rhtml.erb

  • edit.rhtm

  • show.html.erb

  • new.rhtml


The order of the routes in routes.rb does matter! In order to make the REST work you must have this block at the bottom of your routes.rb like this:

Remove simply_helpful plugin if you get the error:

Debuging tools:

rake routes


How to add custom actions to the REST

Then in the controller:

And in the view:

More reading here



Once in the dark DOS ages I have one game with which you can make wonderfull animations. In the “Windows” era I miss this game a lot….until I found this nice replacement.


Firefox extensions

Here is the list of the firefox plugins that I use.

Rails code-snipplets


source: http://blog.teksol.info/archives/2007/3

class Contact < ActiveRecord::Base
auto_scope \
:old => {:find => {:conditions => [born_on < ?, 30.years.ago]}},
:young => {:find => {:conditions => [born_on > ?, 1.year.ago]}}

class Testimonial < ActiveRecord::Base
auto_scope \
:approved => {
:find => {:conditions => [approved_at < ?, proc {Time.now}]},
:create => {:approved_at => proc {Time.now}}},
:unapproved => {
:find => {:conditions => approved_at IS NULL},
:create => {:approved_at => nil}}

Rails internals!?



Programs for Linux

Ubunto repositories



wget www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
example: ./winetricks winver=winxp
example: ./winetricks vcrun2005


Disk managment
KDirStat and Baobab


http://pakiti.sourceforge.net/ – monitor and install patches on multiple servers, supports ubunto, and rh