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Online conference software aka meetings

If you want your developers and stuff to be happy please AVOID webex !

Webex is bad service

It has bad International connection. It doesn’t run on linux or unix and can’t be run in a browser. The IOS application is bad and doesn’t integrate with the links. The integration with the website and the calendars is bad. The website is slow and buggy and you can’t see the meeting on which you are invited. It is the worst of the software out there.

Zoom – It is like the webex. They look and feel the same one idea better, because it has client which can run in linux

Good one – works perfectly! – free and great!


Sending a bunch of data to Zabbix with one request

One can send a bunch of key => values to zabbix with the zabbix-trapper items.

Using this nice article  as a base I have packed everthing in a class so that you can use it:

Example usage:

values = {
  total_ram: 0,
  wrong_data_center: 0,
  linode_hosts: 0,
  missing_from_zabbix: 0,
  missing_from_graylog: 0,

zabbix_sender =['zabbix_server'])
zabbix_sender.message('super_druper_hostname', values)
require 'json'

class ZabbixSender

  def initialize zabbix_host
    @zabbix_host = zabbix_host

  def message hostname, values
    values_with_host = with_host(hostname, values)

    params = {
      "request" => "sender data",
      "data" => values_with_host,

    body = JSON.generate params
    data_length = body.bytesize
    data_header = "ZBXD\1".encode("ascii") + \
    [data_length].pack("i") + \
    data_to_send = data_header + body

    send data_to_send


  def with_host hostname, hash
    values = []

    hash.each_pair do |key, value|
      values << {
        key: key,
        value: value,
        host: hostname,

  def send data_to_send
    socket =, 10051)
    socket.write data_to_send.to_s
    response_header = socket.recv(5)
    if not response_header == "ZBXD\1"
      puts "response: #{response_header}"
      raise 'Got invalid response'

    response_data_header = socket.recv(8)
    response_length = response_data_header[0,4].unpack("i")[0]
    response_raw = socket.recv(response_length)
    response = JSON.load(response_raw)



Tired of the old Rails scaffold?

Why Rails scaffold doesn’t work

The need to write a replacement of the Rails scaffold was because the build in one in Ruby on Rails:

  • Does not support namespaces on the controllers and the models it generates funny paths in the views and/or controllers
  • The native way to extend the Rails scaffold was changed frequently I have to spend hours tracing github issues
  • It uses the ugly scaffold.css and it generates it all the time breaking my styles
  • Does some freaky copy/paste optimizations in the controller to get the model. Scaffold should be a starting point from where with few deletes or add few lines of codes to make a usable screen.

The new approach

With scaffold_pico you can create your own pretty administration in a second.

  • No learning curve – if you know Rails you know it.
  • No 3rd party gems slowing your development/production startup times.
  • Clean code
  • Supports namespaces in the models and the controllers

There is also some sugar. With the pico_scaffold you can generate from the beginning fabricators and take care of N+1 by specifying joins/includes clauses. There is separation of the fields for index and editing. There is a search – almost every screen now days has search.

Supports Zurb Foundation, Materializecss CSS frameworks

Here is the github:

Learning programming languages

learn programming





Функционално програмиране


Online help





Remove the mysql root password on development

The world is going crazy. The mysql manual for 5.7.3 is not working.

Here is how to remove the password…

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Jailbreak 9.3.3 and afterwards

imageIt is easy. You have to do it! Just save the jailbreak and the Cydia impactor so that you can do the Jailbrake in April 2017.

What I have installed again and is working was:

Name What it does? From repo
Activator Shortcuts everywhere
iCleaner Pro 7.3.0 Claims it free disks space
FlipControlCenter Manage shortcut icons
AppCake Download pirate games
AudioRecorder 2 $ call recorder
Alternative apps:
Call Recorder
dnscrypt-proxy  crypt your dns
 albumshot Smart albums for all apps
 SpringBoard  move fast through the screens

Thireus Extra Recommended Tools
 IPPeek  show the IP on the clock. Use it from activator
 Aquaboard  Fencypency effects
BDaySpotify 2
Unlocks some features on the spotify app
Game cheating tool  research more here
 SystemSoundDisabler Disable all kind of anoying sounds
 LocalIAPStore iOS 9  Inapp purchases for free  Canolli
Minimal hosts blocker  Ads blocker

No time to install

Bridge – import music to Music from
from: – tring now and want to try those also
AppSync Unified – you need this to install unsinged ipa files.

iFile – from here
PhotosLive from – trying now


it has nice list of shortcuts, works bad on ios 9.3.3
MobileTerminal (mine bad choice)  from Karens repo    which is on the same code base iOS Terminal form BigBoss

MTerminal works good –  from the BigBoss repo. – install recommended ios9/ios8/ios7 hacker tools, this includes “newterm” which is updated through ios9. The hacker package installs a bunch of command line utilities like ping, nmap, get, top wget, etc as well. otherwise if you just want terminal just install newterm.


Tried but not using

BioProtect – protect apps with the touch ID
Cameratweak4 (the release there is not properly cracked)


How to clean your photos:

  1. Backup/Delete /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM
  2. Delete /private/var/mobile/Media/PhotoData


Emails database:  /private/var/mobile/Library/Mail/Envelope Index 
  sqlite> pragma table_info(messages);

Calendar database: /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar/Calendar.sqlitedb
  pragma table_info(ABPerson);

Phone numbers database: /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb 
  pragma table_info(event);

Call History database: /private/var/mobile/Library/CallHistory/call_history.db 
  sqlite> pragma table_info(call);

SMS database: /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db
  sqlite> pragma table_info(message);

More on this on limneos blog

plutil from Erica Utillities – is used to modify the .plist files

Links – the author of audiorecord2 nice source of game downloads


Pirate Sources


Latest iphones jailbrake


case vs if

I notice that a lot of people are writing tons of ifs instead of use the case operator.

The case operator is much more readable. It can do more work than the ifs. And it should be faster by definition. Unfortunately in ruby it is faster only in > 2.x

With case you compare objects and match multiple values.

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Good readings for today

Valid docker container/image names

Valid container names are: [a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-]
as pointed here

And probably the valid container names are

hostnameComponentRegexp = match(`(?:[a-z0-9]|[a-z0-9][a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])`)

as pointed

Ansible multistage vault file

in ‘staging’ file

vault_file: 'vault_staging'

in ‘production’ file

vault_file: 'vault_production'

in the tasks

- include_vars: "group_vars/{{ vault_file }}"

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