Microsoft has locked Windows Vista Home to only one language


One of my friends has bouth a new laptop from USA and I want to change the base language of his operating system to Bulgarian. The Bulgarian language is fully support by Microsoft. My surprise was big when I got the “Only language please…” from the Regional Settings language switcher pane.

I want to use one language but I don’t want English I want Bulgarian. Why I cant switch it?

The solution come from Vistalizator. This software has fixed all my troubles. Now I have two languages on my Windows Vista Home (who said that Vista Home dosn’t support two languages :) ?

Someone has made already forum/topic where you can express what you feel working with Microsoft products.

Programs for Linux

Ubunto repositories


example: ./winetricks winver=winxp
example: ./winetricks vcrun2005

Disk managment
KDirStat and Baobab

Security – monitor and install patches on multiple servers, supports ubunto, and rh



Software and Tutorial Links

Linux firewall with packet string-matching support
Firewall scripts
Debian Kernel how-to * in Bulgarian *
Active Ports (Windows)
Security and Audits Checks & updates
RedHat –

Prevent DOS attacks with apache2

The apache module that will do the job is called mod_dosevasive. The installation is easy.

Configure the apache2

Edit your httpd.conf (usually located in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf):

Then you can restart

  • /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Be carefull because the options are extremly important. For example if your web application use one file as a controller all the requests will go to this file you will got very often such errors:

client denied by server configuration

Here is a short help on the configuration options