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Not happy with WordPress

Dear WordPress (and authors),

I am not happy that you are releasing versions every month.

Here are the weakness that I have experience on my own using the administration.

I am not happy that I can’t learn from the annoying message what is new and to decide myself when to upgrade or not.

And I don’t want 3lines of my screen to be used with such a big label:


WordPress X.X is available! Please update now.


Put this label somewhere that it won’t take so much space. Good choice is the right column in the admin

Also I want to see “remind me after a week, don’t show anymore” links there.

It would be great if you put some nice features in the build in wordpress editor like:

Its really painfull to post IT articles without those.

Maybe the wordpress developers should start bloging with wordpress to check what is missing?

Another thing is when I save a brand new post I am redirected to new page with “Success” message and the page is empty – is very strange – I want my article back – and I don’t want to search for it.

Have you try to insert a link in a post? If I put a link to wordpress in the middle of a sentence the link will not stop.

Why I don’t have the option under install or in “plugins” to install a spell checker for the used/selected language?

WP is nice for writing such helpfull articles. I expect a perfect blogging expierience from the world leading bloging platform.

Best wishes and happy coding.

/The user

One Response to Not happy with WordPress

  1. guda says:

    What about some copy/paste from wordpress blog? Try copy paste from the example here

    Note the single quotes.